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Thai Cat


Thai cats come from Siam – present day Thailand. They were worshipped as saints and were bred in temples and at the royal court. They were said to bring good luck. The first Thai cats were brought to Great Britain in 1886 by the English ambassador in Bangkok, Mr. Owen Gould, as a gift to the royal family. Cats from that time were also known as Royal Cats from Siam. Compared to present day Siamese, they were bigger, of a more robust build, with rounder heads.

Through gradual breeding, the Siamese cat was bred to its present day characteristics: a long triangular head, extremely slender body and long legs. Due to a growing interest in the original, more robust type, English breeders started selecting cats from 1958 on for breeding in order to achieve the original appearance and qualities of cats first brought from Thailand. This effort was finally successful in 1990, when the traditional Siamese cats won international recognition as a separate breed, with a special breed standard called Thai Cat.


Thai cat, elegant and robust, belongs to the category of bigger cats with stronger, more developed muscles and well-balanced proportions. Some of its typical features include a round head and relatively long legs. The fur of Thai cats is close, fine and strong.

There are Thai cats of several varieties, the best known being seal-point (with dark brown pattern). Other colour-point patterns include blue-point, chocolate-point or red-point, and lilac-point.


Thai cats generally enjoy good health and are not susceptible to illness. They are known for their longevity (15-20 years).


Thai cats are cuddly and friendly – it is a breed that enjoys being with people. They can easily win your affection through their irresistible grace, elegance and devotion. Other traits that the lovers of this breed especially appreciate include their high intelligence and friendliness, as well as the ease with which they learn new things. Thai cats are not as noisy and ‘talkative‘ as modern Siamese cats, and they do not stubbornly try to attract your attention either. They love children and are very sociable. They like living in a pack, and they enjoy the company of other pets.

Those who find thin and delicate modern Siamese cats far too genteel are certain to love the traditional style of Siamese – the Thai Cats. The cats you can see on our web pages are the first Thai Cats imported into the Czech Republic.


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