Basic information

  • Kittens do not leave us before they reach 12 weeks of age – this conforms to the practice approved by Breeding and Registration Rules of WCF and BCC. It is not possible to collect them from us earlier.
  • All kittens leaving our breeding station have their own Pedigree papers (PP), International Vaccination Card and Sales Contract. They have received all initial vaccines (rabies, panleukopenia, viral rhinotracheitis, kalcivirosis), and been de-wormed. They are healthy, litter-box trained and come with a microchip.
  • Our kittens’ parents are tested negative for FIV and FeLV tests. Thanks to this, they cannot pass any of these diseases to their offspring.
  • We will be glad to give advice to novice owners on matters such as what to feed your kitten with and how to take care of it. A lot of useful hints and tips can also be found on the Internet.
  • We sell kittens as breeders only in exceptional cases, and exclusively to our partners and co-operating breeders.
  • to the common practice of unauthorised breeding of cats without Pedigree papers in the Czech Republic, you will be bound by the contract to have the kittens (aged 6-11 months) – with the exception of breeders – spayed or neutered.
  • Sales contract Booking of kittens
  • Since the cats that I have imported into the Czech Republic are the first registered and subsequently bred Thai Cats in the country, all kittens that have not been neutered or spayed are meant for breeding with Pedigree papers. It is, therefore, virtually impossible to sell Thais without Pedigree papers. A deceived buyer could, theoretically, bring home a mongrel, a cross between a cat with points without Pedigree papers and your average pussycat. An adult cat that would grow from this half-breed will, of course, show no outward attributes (appearance, colour, temperament and health) of Thai Cat breed.
  • Prospective buyers can book a visit to our breeding station (after a prior phone arrangement), without any obligation to buy, so that they get a chance to meet our feline beauties in person.
    Those interested in Thai Cats will thus get an opportunity to learn lots of useful information about this rare and elegant breed which enjoys such a popularity world wide. We will be happy to provide novice breeders with tips and hints on how to look after the cats and how to participate in shows.

    Your are welcome to our breeding station!

    Phone: +420 739 090 536


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