Booking of kittens

You can book our kittens all year round.

RESERVATION WITHOUT AN OBLIGATION TO BUY: Preliminary booking, with no strings attached, free of charge. If anyone else who becomes interested in buying the kitten you have chosen would like to make a definite reservation order, we will inform you of this by sending a text message or an e-mail. You will then be able to decide whether to make a definite reservation yourselves or let the other interested party buy the kitten.
DEFINITE RESERVATION ORDER: A definite reservation becomes binding after depositing a partial payment in the amount of one third of the purchase price. A firmly reserved kitten is not offered to any other prospective buyer. Where the litter is still expected, the buyers who make a deposit have the right to choose from among the kittens born (priority is established according to the date of payment, i.e. it is on the “first-come-first-served” basis).

Would you like to book a kitten? Phone: +420 739 090 536 e-mail:


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