Why buy a kitten with Pedigree papers?

Pedigree papers – these guarantee the breed of the cat and its adult appearance.

The papers list four generations of ancestors – their names and colour varieties, as well as show awards and prizes. A cat with a pedigree does not have to go to cat shows.

Pedigree papers guarantee that a breeding station is properly registered and as such follows all the requirements of the Breeding and Registration Rules. The guidelines contained in the Rules define considerate breeding and safeguard cats from too frequent births, which could unduly exhaust both the cats and the kittens. It prohibits the breeding of animals which are too old, do not fit the breed, or have any degenerative or congenital abnormalities (such as chest or scull malformations, cross eyes, polydactylity, broken tails, health problems, etc.). This ensures that no such abnormalities are passed on to subsequent generations.

A registered breeder is obliged to observe many other rules designed to safeguard the health and well-being of cats so that their kittens can be issued Pedigree papers (see Breeding and Registration Rules of FIFé, BCC).

Unregistered “breeders” do not have to follow any rules at all and can sell cheap (though not always healthy) animals without Pedigree papers as often as they like. Such kittens are often put up for sale too young, as soon as they stop feeding on their mother’s milk and before they have been litter-box trained. Kittens learn by imitating their mother, and this process takes place between the eighth and the twelfth weeks of their lives. If kittens do not get a chance to learn cleanliness from their mother, they will acquire the habit much later, causing plenty of difficulties in their new homes.

An unsuspecting buyer will probably have to pay several thousand Czech crowns to the vet for de-worming and vaccination. If the worst comes to the worst, such a buyer may bring home a cat handicapped for life and requiring special medication and nutrition for the rest of its life, which will not, most likely, make the owner very happy. Such kittens are prone to premature death as a result of cat plague, FIP or some other illnesses.

A purchase of a kitten without Pedigree papers represents a huge risk.


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